Sneijder: Balotelli Does Not Affect My Decisions

Sneijder: Balotelli Does Not Affect My Decisions

New midfielder Nice Wesley Sneijder admits that Mario Balotelli’s presence in no way affects his decision to move to Nice Agen Judi Poker.

The 33-year-old midfielder was brought free from Galatasaray, and he is determined to be able to present the team to embrace the trophy.

“I’m still a winner, and I really hate losing. When I have to show my character, I will definitely do it. ”

“The quality of life in Nice is very good, but the same thing I feel in Madrid and in Milan. So I did not come here for that. ”

“I know Balotelli, but in making a decision, I never ask other players. I talked to the coach and the club director. “


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