Moggi: Bonucci Had a Problem With Allegri

Moggi: Bonucci Had a Problem With Allegri

Former Juventus director Luciano Moggi admits he will never sell Leonardo Bonucci, but there is something going on between Bonucci and Max Allegri.

The defender was released for 42 million euros and signed his signature on a five-season contract.

“This is a great purchase for Milan, because he is the best defender in Italy at the moment,” said Moggi.

“There is certainly something going on between him and his coach. In fact, I will never sell it to Milan, because they are our close rivals.

“I’ve told him: ‘I’ll sell you abroad, otherwise you’ll stay here’.

“I do not believe in club symbols, because they are all professional players. In this case, Bonucci is a breakthrough for Milan. “


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