3 Reasons Why MU Not Interested Neymar or Mbappe Recruit

Manchester United (MU)

3 Reasons Why MU Not Interested Neymar or Mbappe Recruit

Manchester United (MU) managed to replace Real Madrid as the most valuable soccer club in the world. Yep, despite the fact that they are only sixth in the Premier League last season, the Red Devils are still the biggest in the cash pool.

According to Forbes reports, MU is now the richest club worth 1.42 billion pounds (about Rp 21 trillion). The transfer fee they paid Juventus to Paul Pogba less than a year before, did not bear their finances.

However, with such thoughts, it is somewhat surprising when MU is really not involved in the competition getting Neymar or Kylian Mbappe this summer.

It’s no secret that MU has long monitored Neymar. Meanwhile, Kylian Mbappe has the potential to become a true superstar. There are several reasons why MU does not try at all to bring both players:

Transfer Fund

Kylian Mbappe, AS Monaco.

The problem is the Glazer family. MU is an economic project of Glazer. They have it to make money “They are very clever when they buy clubs,” said Duncan Castles, a journalist.

According to him, during this time they have spent a lot of funds for the transfer, either contract players, or when recruiting managers in recent years.

However, he said, there is a limit to how much more they will spend. And, there seems to be no deal for Mbappe and Neymar.

“When the deal is priced at 180 million euros for the transfer fee, or 220 million euros to pay for the release clause only, it is beyond the amount of Glazer money,” he said.

Transfer Records

Real Madrid, reportedly has ‘agreed’ a 180 million euro deal for Mbappe. Although this is directly denied by AS Monaco.

Neymar, meanwhile, can still leave for Paris Saint-Germain, though there is a tweet of ‘He Stays’ from Gerard Pique, who confirm the Brazilian’s decision to stay at the Nou Camp.

Both players’ agreement, will remove the current world transfer records, which are still held by MU when buying Pogba. However, Glazer clearly felt that Neymar or Mbappe remained unsuited to the extraordinary transfer fee.


Jose Mourinho
United manager Jose Mourinho dismissed speculation of recruitment of Neymar da Silva to Old Trafford. To him it was impossible.

Previously, the Brazilian national team players are heavily associated with the Red Devils. Even the English Premier League giants dare to spend a large dowry that is predicted to reach Rp2, 8 trillion in order to attract Neymar.

“I always try to be objective and pragmatic with the club and ask what clubs they can give me.Buy Neymar something that does not make sense.A club like Barcelona does not want to lose Neymar,” explained Mourinho.


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