Spanish Captain: Relationship With Pique Better

Spanish Captain: Relationship With Pique Better

Spain captain Sergio Ramos insists he has no problem with Gerard Pique who openly supports the Catalan independence

Ramos – Pique
Sergio Ramos insists there is no problem between him and Gerard Pique and judge them better. But he acknowledged if political talks (Catalan independence) harm the national team.

Pique himself on several occasions voiced his support for the Catalans to be independent and independent of Spain. The attitude of Pique is getting scorn from the Spanish national team fans, but Ramos actually felt no problem with Pique’s behavior.

“It is a painful thing for the Spanish national team,” the 31-year-old told Onda Cero about the heated political situation related to Catalonia’s declaration of independence from Spain.

“I am happy to enjoy the atmosphere and environment in the national team. The only thing I always say as a captain is that we need to be aware of everything we do. Pique’s behavior always deserves to be a role model, regardless of what other people think. ”

Ramos himself asserted if his relationship with Pique even better despite their several times involved in disputes when on the field, as well as in the media.

“If you compare it to my previous relationship (with Pique), then I can say that today we got on pretty well. Previously we were almost unrelated, “Ramos continued.

“We respect each other because we play together (in the national team) and we are aware that when with us is one of the best middle-defender pair in the world. As you grow and become more mature, then you get rid of things that were previously a problem. It makes our relationship better. “